Finnova presents itself at its best. We designed company brochures, displays, and kit to help you share Finnova culture.

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Share Finnova’s philosophy with people who want the best from their frames. From offline communication to online, Finnova aims to express the environmental-friendly approach and the commitment for quality and innovation.



Finnova has designed branded set-ups for your showroom to capture your customers’ attention and, at the same time, to express our company culture at its best. Here you can find all the components to create your Finnova corner.


Finnova, always by your side. For your everyday life we designed merchandise that you can find at our retailers’ showroom. Our branded pens and planners claim to be part of a contemplative lifestyle, respectful of the natural resources that Finnova aims to protect as its mission statement.


Price Quote Software

Time is precious, and we know it. To save your time, we designed an intuitive and immediate tool to create quotation online. Step by step, you’ll be guided to create a price list, fill out quotation forms and share them with your customers via email. Easy to use, isn’t it?

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