Our true passion
has always been to think about,
create and transform the
raw material before manufacturing
windows and shutters of a unique
character. This passion
which combines design potential,
technical experience, manual skills,
and innovative technology, and which makes
Atelier Finnova an avant-garde
workshop, comprises
not only trained technicians,
but also expert craftsmen,
who know how to transfer
all the unmistakeable
characteristics of wood
to our products with
every single touch.


Finnova aims at assisting its clients step-by-step in all their choices in order
to fully meet their requirements and achieve the desired end result. on-going research into quality products (production technology and finishes), giving prompt and accurate feedbacks to our customers’ queries, assuring fixed delivery times and excellent after-sales assistance are all company benchmarks aimed at meeting the most demanding expectations.


Finnova is investing in its productions lines and fitting them out with a new, hi-tech system. JoYtecH 63M3 by Working Process is the first system of its kind for the production of wooden door and window frames. It has been designed to produce a vast range of products
in different shapes, from simple rectangles to curved parts.All these are manufactured with utmost precision, while preserving the remarkable flexibility that has always been a hallmark of our company.


Expert skills and a modern production site: by controlling each single detail from project design to delivery, we provide customers bespoke and made-to-specification products and manufactured entirely in Italy. We take meticulous care to the finish of each single part, we assemble, test and ensure that each end product meets requirements and certifications guaranteeing not just high-standards of quality but also security. the end result is appealing in appearance and in texture, a door, a window built to last and to become a feature in any context.